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The Emergenetics® Profile uncovers your unique Thinking Preferences (Analytical, Structural, Social & Conceptual), and Behavioral Attributes (Expressiveness, Assertiveness & Flexibility) to develop greater self-awareness, while improving your results and enhancing personal & professional relationships.

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Emergenetics® is Human Technology


Develop self-awareness, enhance emotional intelligence and embrace your brilliant makeup.

Recognize and maximize the benefits of Thinking and Behavioral diversity.

Integrate a cognitively diverse approach to building teams to boost creativity.

Enhance team outcomes by examining individual preferences and interactions.

Adapt behavior to improve communication, productivity and culture.

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Emergenetics® is a measurable, proven way to recognize and apply, thinking and behavior patterns that people use regularly.

These patterns were identified through extensive research from a wide body of literature covering personality, positive psychology and neuroscience. The results were then subjected to rigorous statistical analysis.

Emergenetics® is a new psychometric tool. The name is derived from the  words "Emerge" and "Genesis" to indicate that who you are today is the emergence of your behavior, genetic makeup and life experiences.

Four Ways of Thinking / Three Ways of Behaving
On a practical level, the Emergenetics® Profile represents a clear framework of seven easily recognizable and useful factors that apply to all people in work, communication, interpersonal relationships as well as personal development.


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Client Testimonials

Sanford Chandler

Vertex Systems

"This test has helped me uncover things that I never would have through an interview process. We won’t hire anyone that hasn’t gone through Emergenetics."

Tom Reed

Director Leadership Development

"Emergenetics provides the lens for team members to see each person as an individual who brings uniqueness to their job and the team. Leaders are learning how to tap into the uniqueness within their teams to improve innovation and performance."

Jeannine Falter

Duncan Aviation
Vice President Business Development

"Emergenetics is an integral component of Duncan Aviation’s leadership education program. The improved communication and team interaction realized through Emergenetics has allowed the company to increase the size of technical work teams from an average of 10 to 18, which creates a flat and efficient organization."

Kerry Flowers

Founder Flowers Consulting
Creator of The Leadership Formula

"As we settled on Emergenetics as the centerpiece to our Leadership Program, we hoped that the tool would provide a focal point for communication and a catalyst for a culture shift. It has done that and more. We feel very confident that Emergenetics will move our leaders to be a more creative, more productive, and more diverse team - all in a positive format."

Amy G. Isola

Farmers National Bank
Human Resources & Administration

"Emergenetics allowed our team to gain a better understanding of one another. During the retreat, it was amazing to see the energy that the team has as a result of seeing one another’s brain. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that it has carried over into our work environment, enabling us to be a stronger team."

Emergenetics® Packages

Individual Profile Package


Ideal for Individuals & Entrepreneurs
  • Emergenetics Profile.
  • Personalized Profile Narrative.
  • Leadership & Management Styles Insights.
  • Communication & Interaction Tips Sheet.
  • Profile FAQ Guide.
  • Bonus 1: Access to Emergenetics+ App & Online Resources.
  • Bonus 2: Mini Video Course to Get the Best from your Profile.
  • Bonus 3: Creatively You™ 7 Steps to Activate your Creative Intelligence.



Personal Growth Package


Most Popular
Ideal for Entrepreneurs & Passionate Self-Developers
  • Individual Emergenetics Profile Package plus...
  • Personalized Debrief & Insights.
  • Transformational coaching sessions (3). Uncover and work on three needle-moving goals, identify limiters, and craft impactful strategies to take you to the next level.
  • Integration and follow-up support.







Team Performance Package

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Ideal for Startups & High Performance Teams
  • Individual Emergenetics® Profile.
  • Group Dynamics & Narrative Report.
  • Emergenetics+ Group Setup.
  • Analysis of team preferences & blind spots.
  • Strategies to optimize collaboration & effectiveness.
  • Signature Meeting of the Minds™ Workshop with Dr. Yazan Hijazi. (Virtual via Zoom 3hrs OR Face-to-Face 4hrs ).

Emergenetics® Bonuses

Emergenetics+ - Access Anytime Anywhere

Once you complete your Emergnetics® Profile (15 minutes), you are automatically added to the Emergenetics+ App, where you can get customized tips, compare profiles and generate group profiles to improve communication, effectiveness and collaboration all at your fingertips.


E-Learning  - Dive Deeper

Instant access to online resources that build on core competencies and enhance your understanding of people and team dynamics.


Guides - Practical Insights

Instant access to guides and practical work applications that bring learning to life.

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The Emergenetics® Advantage

Scientifically valid, reliable and reflects the global population.

Measures Thinking & Behavioral Preferences separately & distinctly.

Easy to remember, instantly applicable & readily accessible.

Uses positive, strengths-based language.

Enhances individual effectiveness & team development.

Promotes the benefits of cognitive diversity.

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