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Six Self-Care Tips for Active Leaders

personal development Aug 30, 2020
Sharon_Taylor  By Joanne Trotta
Certified Emergenetics® Associate
CEO of LeadersEdge, Inc.

As a productive, driven leader, you may not feel like there is enough time in your day to devote to self-care. You likely prioritize work and family, and you may not be carving out and protecting time to ensure that you are at your best.

You probably recognize the need for self-care and may continue to put it off, day after day, until you have procrastinated yourself into an even more frazzled state. Or maybe you’re of the mindset that now is your time to “grind,” and you can rest later.

When is later? Next week? Next month? Next year?

Honestly, I don’t think self-care should wait; it should be a priority.

Believe me, I understand the feeling of wanting to devote most of your time to your leadership role. The truth is that such devotion is unsustainable. Leaders who fail to take time for themselves burn out quickly, often feel overwhelmed and do not provide healthy...

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How to Build Skill in Emotional Intelligence

personal development Aug 30, 2020
Sharon_Taylor  Sharon Taylor
Quality Director, Learning & Development
Emergenetics International

Original Article on Emergenetics website here.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been an important part of successful businesses well before Daniel Goleman described its five components and even before Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer coined the phrase 30 years ago.

According to the Levo Institute, 80% of employees consider EQ crucial to develop their careers, and 87% of millennials report that the emotional intelligence of their leaders motivates them to help companies succeed. Numerous other studies have cited the positive role of emotional intelligence in leadership effectiveness, career success and employee turnover.

And, now, we’re hearing about the concept even more as the world has faced change and challenges throughout the past several months. In the news, the workplace and our personal lives, we’re hearing frequent message about the importance of acting with empathy to...

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